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In a native smear, which is taken from the feces, sexually mature forms of protozoa are revealed.

They are mobile and easily change the shape of the body due to the elastic pellicle. In the scraping, stained according to Heidenhain, a large number of parasites, cysts, as well as mucus and blood are also found.

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How to treat balantidiasis: drugs of Plavix. Balantidiasis is a specific infection, therefore, the most common antibiotics in fairly low doses have a detrimental effect on the causative agents of this pathology. The first recommended drug in the treatment of balantidiasis is Monomycin, used in five-day cycles in the form of 4-time injections of 250 IU. In total, two cycles are recommended with a break of about a week. Oxytetracycline also works well, which is prescribed in tablets of 0.25 g 4 times a day for a week in case of mild forms of the disease. In severe cases, in the treatment of balantidiasis, both antibiotics are given in combination with each other. Trichopolum; Yatren; Ampicillin; detox medications; immunomodulators.

During sigmoidoscopy, destructive and ulcerative phenomena of the intestinal walls, necrotic formations and hemorrhages are noted. In a hospital setting, hemotherapy can be used. Surgical treatment is indicated for the development of a clinic of Clopidogrel pills appendicitis, peritonitis, ulcer perforation, intestinal bleeding. In the case of late or inadequate treatment, mortality can reach 10-12%.

In terms of community prevention, balantidiasis, like many other fecal-oral diseases, can be prevented by improving hygiene, water purification and disinfection, and wastewater treatment. Balantidiasis is a protozoal intestinal infection caused by ciliary ciliates - balantidia. Clinical manifestations of balantidiasis are a reflection of inflammatory and ulcerative processes in the large intestine, and are characterized by abdominal pain, tenesmus, frequent loose stools mixed with blood and pus, weight loss, intoxication syndrome. For the diagnosis of "balantidiasis" clinical and epidemiological data, the results of sigmoidoscopy, the detection of balantidia in feces and smears are important. Etiotropic therapy of Plavix is carried out with metronidazole, tinidazole, tetracycline antibiotics, monomycin.


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